Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Unexplained Camera Flash

I have opened up this topic a couple of times on our forum, with still no response. What is the unexplained camera flash?
During several investigations we have witnessed an "unexplained camera flash". Simply stated it appears that someone has taken your picture. However there is no one there with a camera! Several of my investigators have now had this experience. Luckily we have actually caught this on video a couple of times so we know we have not completely lost our minds!
Over the course of the last year, I have now seen this in my home twice. I have contacted many, many paranormal teams and no one can account for ever having this experience.
Is it possible that this is some sort of communication? Your thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I just experienced this exact thing. And I've been searching online to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing. I'ts really odd and I have never heard of anything like this before. It just happened a couple hours ago and I am still shaken up a bit.

    I would think I was crazy or it was my imagination if not for my 4 year old who seen this as well and got scared because he knows we are home alone.

    I was sitting in the living room and my son was looking for the remote control for the tv. All the lights were on in the house and it was quiet. All of a sudden there was this blue-white flash of light from the dining room, which is connected to the living room.There was no sound from it, and I saw the flash reflect of all the glass surfaces in the room. The picture frames, the television that was off, and the sliding glass doors in the living room. I quickly turned to look for the source of the flash but didn't see anything.

    My son looked in the direction it came from as well, and then ran towards me and jumped on the couch beside me, and we just looked at each other in silence. He was facing the direction of the flash when it happened and I was facing him watching him search for the remote. So after a couple minutes...

    I asked him, "what did you see?"
    and he said, "Mommy I think someone took a picture of us?"
    That describes exactly what happened.
    It was like someone took our picture and the flash of light was just as fast and bright as a camera flash.

    There is no possible way it could have come from outside. As our living room is in the middle of the house with no windows, even our sliding glass doors leads to another room and not outside.

    I immediately got up and searched the house. I looked for a burned out light bulb and checked to see if anyone was here. I found nothing out of the ordinary. This left me shaken and confused so I called a friend to tell her what happened. Now I'm wondering what this means and if anyone else has experienced the same thing.

  2. I think we were pretty lucky to actually catch this occuring on video in a couple of locations. We have seen this in our home as well, and I still cannot explain the cause.

  3. I had this experience a few days ago...
    I was in a bedroom, curtains closed, lights off and at night.
    Suddenly, above my head, maybe 40 inches, a flash of light like someone was lightening a lighter!
    It scared the life out of me.