Friday, May 6, 2011

Sad but true...(Beware Richmond area paranormal teams!)

Well we have recieved word that this certain person has pulled Sarah's story. However, they have now put their full focus on me. (Top page news...whoohooo) However, his informant has been revealed to me. So local paranormal teams beware. (nothing like one informant ratting out another and sending me the emails.) This person is local, on a paranormal team, involved with a couple of others and Meetup. Jealousy CANNOT possibly begin to describe this person. Want a front page story...start digging into your informant's background. There is a reason why they are not affiliated with CVAPI.
As far as this basher, as stated earlier in my Facebook status..."Like birds of a feather, psychos stick together!" These two offset each other nicely as both have no real job to speak off and are dieing for recognition.
Now I want call this low life out by name....but let me give you a hint....
The proper way to spell PSYCHIC is just that .... NOT PHYSIC!
And oh yeah, there were 3 initials that CVAPI used to use on our team....The team they are on is named after that.
As stated yesterday, this is stalking at its best. It has nothing to do with the Maitland family, Dwayne Claud, or the Demon Exorcist.
Sorry guys, I still won't give you any media attention!

Chelsea Raine: Twisted Dream, Dead Moon - Richmond Psychic & Paranormal |

Chelsea Raine: Twisted Dream, Dead Moon - Richmond Psychic & Paranormal |

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lots of Traffic...

Well the stats show that the blog traffic has definitely increased, imagine that. I would like to thank our supporters in "digging up the dirt" on one of our so called bashers as this has given me a good laugh. It does appear to be true that people will talk ABOUT you when they can't get any recognition of their own. Never met him, never even heard of him, kind of seems like a stalker wouldn't you say? Some that know this person first hand have said he has that stance in the media world. Maybe that is why his interview wasn't aired? (But yet, says I'm looking for recognition, lol) Just my opinion of course.
Speaking of media, NO I would never mention this person. Why? Because this is what he wants, lol. The ones that deserve the media recognition are the Maitland family for the hell they have been through.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Feeling the love...

I would like to start with a huge THANK YOU, to our friends, clients and para celebs for your outpour of support. It is apparant that our supporters out weight our bashers! The same with the psychic community from my psychic friends, clients and celebrity clients, thank you for your kind words and support.
It has amazed me as to how myself, Dwayne and the Maitland Family, have become on alltime consuming obsession with some of these bashers. To the point, that not only can they NOT go a 24 hour period without emailing me, but indeed email us every 6 to 8 hours!
I also like the apologetic approach in asking us to dig dirt up on one another. THIS MAKES ME LAUGH! (Yep, some have definitly thrown the crazy switch!)
Maybe I should give them credit as professionals by publishing their emails? Where the public can see them cussing at us, calling us names, and threatening us?
Do not bother posting your deragatory comments here, as it is my blog and they will be removed.
I must say that I am completely flattered that I now consume your entire day and evenings. Hmmmm....MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!
To those bashers I have to ask WHERE IS YOUR PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION? Because I have the Maitlands...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Animal Planet's Demon Exorcist: The bashing continues...

It is truly disheartening to see the bashing that continues on the Maitland family and Dwayne Claud after the airing of Demon Exorcist. Those that are quick to bash, do not have the full story of the Maitland case. As mentioned in an Examiner article, CVAPI will work with the Maitland family on a documentary to get their story out there in its entirety.
First of all, I would like to say that this is NOT the first case that CVAPI has had that is similar to their story. A strict protocol is followed and pursued on these cases, as it is much more than an investigation. CVAPI does not go into a home or business to “prove” a haunting. The definition of the paranormal simply means the “unexplained”. The investigation did prove just that. The documentary will air the actual time stamped footage of a hand that appears to be inhuman.
Secondly, I hate repeating myself, but in lieu of the bashing, I find that it is necessary. Sarah Maitland had contacted CVAPI several months prior to the investigation. CVAPI moved forward with this case once the family fell under physical attack and hospitalizations were mentioned.
Sarah and Toby Maitland have been completely honest with CVAPI and Dwayne Claud into their families past. This includes providing their medical information as well as their psychiatric evaluations. Anyone out there that knows ANYTHING at all about demonology can tell you that most have suffered from a psychological experience, and in certain cases this can lead to bringing the negativity into you. CVAPI also has a child counselor onboard this team that could testify that the family was still in need of assistance.
There also appears to be a question about the Electronic Magnetic Fields of the location (EMF’s). These were checked several times by CVAPI as well as Dwayne Claud’s team, and I might add that Toby Maitland himself is an electrician.
The footage from the investigation validated a lot of what the family was reporting having us seek out a demonologist. I have personally received numerous emails asking why didn’t I contact this person or that person. In actuality, those people you are questioning about were indeed contacted. NONE of them bothered to respond, leaving me with the impression that if a television camera or money wasn’t involved, it was a waste of their time.
Equally disturbing was input from two past “rookies” of CVAPI voicing their input to the Maitland family. One of these two claimed that they were not psychic but could “read people” when in actuality it is called “judging” people. As my daughter had stated, “It is partially to blame for their lack of professionalism as to why they are no longer members of CVAPI.” This is a classic syndrome of two rookies that now know what an orb is and can crop and EVP and feel they are paranormal experts. They indeed had little knowledge on demonology but willingly participated on this case. These two rank right up there with the ones that are bashing the Maitland family and Dwayne across the Internet.
In addition, to the emails I am receiving questioning our selection in demonologist I am receiving emails from psychologist proclaiming to be “concerned” for the Maitland family. They have gone as far as to dig up stuff from 2006 on the family and send to us. To this I say …..REALLY? You are several months behind as we were aware of everything several months ago. Do you not have anything better to do with your time? If not, let me make a recommendation for you. Offer your assistance to other paranormal teams, as these cases do surface. There are many families out there in need of help that have no one. Why don’t you put your focus there instead of antagonizing the Maitland family?
Next are the emails regarding Firecracker Films. As stated before, CVAPI and the Maitland family all enjoyed working with Firecracker Films. There was a discrepancy in what aired and that was discussed between the Maitland Family and Firecracker Films. In their defense, they agreed that their story would have made a full hour series. It was the Discovery Channel that would not allow it. (Get it right people, Animal Planet is owned by Discovery.) Their guidelines have changed several times from how many cases per show, to how many shows etc. They are doing what is asked of them. Unfortunately due to these time constraints, the whole story did not surface, just a briefing to show whom Dwayne is.
Now regarding Dwayne, both CVAPI and the Maitland family gave credit where credit was due. He listened and he helped. (Which is a lot more than I can say for those sitting around running their mouths on forums.) What you do not know is that I attended the house clearing with Dwayne Claud to present a unified front to the Maitland family, which included a discussion with Sarah that the majority of this would be up to her. In addition he lined up local counselors for the family while he was here.
Now I would like to discuss the emails that I am receiving about Dwayne and his wife Sarah. These are regarding past cases they have worked etc. To this I have to ask…..THIS CONCERNS ME HOW? CVAPI followed their protocol with a history pull, investigation, medical documentation provided, and clergy assisted prior to seeking out a demonologist. Dwayne as a demonologist displayed nothing but professionalism to this team and to this family. What did you do? What are you currently doing to assist other teams? Or are you one that spends your time bashing everyone else?
Other questions that I have, to the demonologists that are contacting me….What are your credentials? Anyone ever bashed you? To the psychologist out there….What are your credentials? What is your knowledge in parapsychology? If you are so eager to help and be involved, are you currently assisting other paranormal teams? To the scientist out there….Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Have you ever attended a paranormal investigation? Are you open-minded enough to attend a paranormal investigation or is this beneath you?
Amazingly enough these bashers are also responsible for the bashing of Chip Coffee, Zak Bagans and many others. Really people do you have nothing better to do? IF your legitimate concern is reality TV then I am to assume you also have issues with shows like The Real Housewives or Top Chef. Are you bashing the people on the shows or are you reaching out to the Networks that air them?
To these so-called bashers, professionals etc, since you obviously have all of the answers WHERE IS YOUR TV SERIES? What is that? You don’t have one? Well let me tell you, IF you did, they would do the same thing to you as they have to many others, there is but so much time to air things, and they are going for the ratings.
Ironically, what I find to be funny….You are keeping the Demon Exorcist alive and in the media, and on the internet, which will boost the hell out of Dwayne’s ratings! (You know what they say, jealousy is the best form of flattery!)To the demonologists, psychologists, scientists, and bashers, get involved in your local paranormal community and see if you can find something productive to do in your spare time.