Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RIP Critics Credibility

Nine months ago, CVAPI conducted the investigation at the Maitland Family home in Chester, Virginia. Though CVAPI or the Maitland family has not bought this up for weeks, the critics are still screaming.

Exactly who are these critics? This is the question we are asked constantly. From the best that we can tell they are “Paranormal Bashers”. Or in a nutshell, they are nobodies screaming for the publics attention as they are “Know it all’s” in the field of the paranormal, demonology and working with producers.

On NUMEROUS occasions, I have invited them to pick up the phone and speak to me directly, to which none of them will. They seem to see it as MUCH easier to talk crap on the web without validating anything from the “True sources”.

One of the sites that continue to bash Demon Exorcist is Scifake. Fake is correct, from what we have seen everything posted there is on speculation and opinions. If you want to know more about them google Ron Tebo, this will explain the credibility of this character. (Though now he has become a magician http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHEWlji2gD0) Though he has indeed offered a “weak” apology to Sarah Maitland, he did not hesitate to exploit her children. A nice demonstration of how much time and effort they will put into us can be found here: (http://scifake.com/wp-content/forum-media-uploads/jetson/demon-screamers.wmv)
The most recent is Kirby Robinson, from Eyeontheparanormal. What a clown this one is. Kirby has been invited to call me directly; I have offered a recorded interview, and any questions I ask him he has indeed evaded. One of the questions I have asked him is “What is your title”? Meaning what do you do? If Dwayne is a demonologist what do you do? Are you unemployed? Are you a blogger?

This is what we have found to be true. He is indeed a blogger and promotes the affiliates program on his blog. (He makes pennies for each time you click on it.) And more so than anything he is a “Paranormal Basher”. (http://www.psiro.com/index.php/articles/opinion-a-debate/115-a-response-to-kirby-robinson.html)

On March 5, 2011 Kirby himself did a radio show interview promoting his self-published book on some of his bashing. (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/claranormal/2011/03/06/author-kirby-robinson-talks-about-his-new-book-paranormal-reality-investigating-paranormal-state) He begins by stating that he is not there to bash anyone’s personal lives. In this case that is untrue. They have been all over Sarah Maitland about medical records and exploiting her children. Kirby’s defense is that we made this public record by going on TV with her story. In this radio show he speaks of his “Painstaking analysis” and has “Validated” claims by “Confidential sources.” (Who really cares what time the clock on the wall states and what went on behind the scenes on Paranormal State? Are you that nosey?) He also commends Chip Coffee, states that they mistreated Chip Coffee, and he has no issues with the show Psychic Kids. (Funny how his blog bashes all of this.) It appears that there is an issue of keeping his story straight.

So now, lets talk about what we know from first hand experience. “Validating claims by confidential sources.” Some of their “Confidential sources” are ex members of CVAPI. Meaning they are no longer affiliated with us due to lack of professionalism. Those that have been following this saw this on a comment posted on one of my Examiner articles to Sarah Maitland directly, to which my editor removed. These ex members were indeed at the investigation of the Maitland case. They had NO PROBLEMS with screaming it was demonic during evidence review, willingly participated in recruiting a demonologist, and “Claimed” to have bought something home with them, in which was filmed by Firecracker Films. They have no children of their own, do not even like children, and are now “Concerned” about the Maitland family children. Not to mention that they acted “Horrified” that the children were on the program, when they KNEW the camera crew was with them for days. These are some of their “Confidential sources”.
From the radio show we have found what they said about Kirby:

-25 years in the paranormal field

-Performed numberous house blessings and exorcisms

-Spent much of his time helping people with demonic hauntings.

-Claims to be a Buddist.
-Self published a book bashing Paranormal State

So I have to ask….WHO wants to be on television? WHO is keeping this story alive without contacting the REAL sources? And WHO continuously brings up Dwayne going to series, book deals and movie deals?

I am personally glad that we found Dwayne. He stepped up to bat when no one else would. At that time, the Maitland family was ready to walk away from their home permanently. I can honestly say that without Dwayne’s help, they may have.

The transformation that I have personally seen in the entire family is phenomenal, they are all doing well and I will bring you a follow up with them soon. Do we support Dwayne going to series? YES. If he is HELPING families instead of writing crap about them on the web, who cares what television does?????

There are 4 TRUE sources to Demon Exorcists, “The Black Shadow”….FIRECRACKER FILMS, DWAYNE CLAUD, JACKIE TOMLIN and SARAH MAITLAND. We have all moved on….it is a shame these idiots cannot.