Thursday, June 25, 2009

CVAPI Matching the Deaf with the Paranormal

Recently we were approached by the deaf community wanting to participate in paranormal investigations. "Lily" is a member of my Meetup group Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research, and she is deaf. We recently had the opportunity to work with her on an investigation.
Lily had her interpreter with her that evening, but we feel that she would be okay even without one. I believe that we all fail to realize that the deaf have heightened senses in areas that we do not. Her interest are in video and photography. She was able to pick up things on photography that we were unable to because she felt a vibration in that area.
In complete darkness, she can communicate her need to speak with us with a flash light or a laser light. (I recommend the laser, as they shoot further than a flash light) If need be, she can write to us in what she is experiencing.
The paranormal for most of us, is a hobby. Her interest in the paranormal is no different than ours. She is limited in some of the research when it comes to the audio. Other than that, I cannot see that her handicap should hold her back from investigations.
Lily has bought to my attention, that she has over 100 people nationwide that are interested in paranormal investigations. CVAPI has agreed to assist her in a campaign of matching the deaf with paranormal teams.
I am asking that if you have a Meetup group, or a paranormal team, that you please take in a deaf person in your area as a guest or a member on an investigation. We are hoping to make a match with all of those in the deaf community that have a paranormal interest.
If you are interested in participating in this campaign, please contact me with your teams name and location.

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  1. A thanks to Jersey Shore Paranormal for taking Josh onto their team.