Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Upcoming in January

It looks like the beginning of the year will be a busy for CVAPI, with a lot of new cases coming in.  In addition, there are a couple of old cases that have contacted us that we may follow up on as well.  Over the next few weeks, we will also attempt to get some of our past investigations uploaded to our YouTube channel. Over the last 3 months, we have been getting several requests for investigations where another paranormal team has already been into the location.  To be honest, I would rather not get involved when another team has been in.  However, in reviewing the final report to the client, it does appear that we will take on a couple of these cases.
The best advice that I can give you is to take your time when choosing a paranormal team.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.  If you do not agree with their final findings you need to address this with them.  A paranormal investigation is a few hours run in a moment of time.  Ultimately it is you that has the location and know what your experiences are.  As the locations owner, it is your job to research who you bring in.
I am also pleased to find that a third client of ours, is currently writing a book on their paranormal experiences and I am looking forward to another great read.  A release of our Ghost Hunting 101 is upcoming in the next few weeks.  This is based on our public presentation and has been requested by many.
For the locals with a paranormal interest, please join us at Central Virginia Psychic Development & Paranormal Research as we will begin to schedule public investigations in the spring.
May you all have a Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Review of Ghost Hunt & Breakfast Buffet

The review of what we found on the Ghost Hunt & Breakfast Buffet will be on Saturday December 17th at Sideline Cafe at 1:00PM.  All are more than welcome to attend!

For those that have ordered CVAPI t-shirts and hoodies, the order will ship on December 2nd.  Please contact Jackie at Jackie@cvapi.com for delivery.

Looking forward to seeing all that attended!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shirt Orders & Ghost Hunt Updates

Update:  For those that ordered CVAPI T-shirts and hoodies.  The order will ship 12-2-11.  Some of you I will see, for those that I don't, I will make arrangements to get them to you.

Update:  For those that attended the ghost hunt and breakfast buffet, I will have a date for you to look at everything soon.  We did get some audio's out of the kitchen, some nice orbs.....and "no" we still can't explain



Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last weekend's ghost hunt and breakfast buffet

 Thank you to all that attended.  As always, this is a great location and a lot of fun.  We will begin going over everything Wednesday of this week.  By this weekend we will post a date on a Saturday afternoon to review our evidence back at Sideline Cafe.  We were able to let the cameras run for awhile after we left, and before they reopend on Sunday morning with the building empty.  We are crossing our fingers and will keep you posted!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Zak Bagans Dark World: A psychic’s point of view

To anyone that knows us, it is no secret that Nikki is a huge fan of Zak Bagans and Ghost Adventures. We purchased Zak’s book from Barnes & Noble the day it was released. Surprisingly, I take very little time to watch any paranormal television but am indeed a fan of Ghost Adventures.

I think he did a great job with his book, and it will give you a glimpse of him as a person and answer the question as to why he provokes things the way he does. He did a fantastic job in describing the different haunts such as intelligent haunts to residual haunts. For those with general paranormal interests I believe you would enjoy this book a lot. I could also appreciate that he referenced these hauntings to places that he has been and his personal experiences.

What I found to be intriguing is that he is okay with residual haunts and questions the intelligent haunts. As a psychic, I can honestly say that I am the exact opposite. Maybe it is because I feel that those intelligent haunts can validate a lot of what psychic’s have stated all along, that spirits are right here with us everyday. It is the residual haunts that I question with why? I believe science will one day indeed be able to answer this question for me.

There were a couple of things that he mentioned in his book that I want to discuss. One was in reference to Psychic and Mediums using EVP’s for validation. This has been going on for a long time. My bio does indeed state that I am a Medium, but I do not promote those readings. I like to do a medium reading in person, and on a “need be” basis, as they are very personal. A few years ago was the first time I ran my digital recorder during a medium reading for someone’s son who had passed away unexpectedly at the age of 28. The EVP captured when I closed the session was, “Mom I love you”, and to this day is a most treasured gift to that family.

The other thing mentioned in this book was law enforcement using EVP’s on cases. This indeed happens more often than not. The last chapter of the book, many well-knowns did a great job submitting what they would like to see happen in the paranormal field in the future. Mark and Debby Constantino referenced capturing an EVP on an active case. Though this indeed may be an option that law enforcement may be interested in, I warn against it. I say this because I have discussed many times Psychic’s jumping in with their opinions to law enforcement on missing person cases. They have been, and can be charged with obstruction of justice, and this I support fully. So I would recommend being a little leery before running to law enforcement with an EVP.

Zak speaks of having a place available where all paranormal evidence can be uploaded and looked at by all documenting trends and such for science. I LOVE this idea. However, I could see problems with that in faked EVP’s etc. To quote John Zaffis from the book, “Right now there is too much bickering internally.” “The paranormal community, in my estimation, is in chaos.” I agree fully. However, I personally feel that NASA is doing more research in these areas than we are aware of.

All in all this was a fantastic read and I would recommend it to anyone. What would I like to see in the future? Books from Aaron Goodwin, and Nick Groff. Just like Zak, I would like to hear their thoughts, opinions, beliefs and where their interest came from.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 2011 Updates

Our website has recently changed. This should prompt easier loading to computers as well as user friendly for smartphones. Many more changes are taking place behind the scenes on the site, and will continue to improve. You will also notice that our sponsor, Sideline Cafe, now has their own page on the site and this is updated with their events often.

Due to "Crazy" schedules, our forum has been neglected for way too long! We are now in the beginning process of getting this up and going again and adding new topics. Please feel free to join us there and share anything that comes to mind. If you have forgotten your username and password, that is okay, but we don't know them! So please take the time to re-register, as we love hearing from you.

This Saturday Oct 15th @ 1:00PM (Meeting at the Confederate Pyrmid) www.meetup.com/paranormalcvapi
We will return with our meetup group Central VA Psychic Development & Paranormal Research to Hollywood Cemetery this Saturday! PLEASE feel free to join us! (Enter Hollywood, go to the bottom of the hill, take a right and continue up the hill, (stay to the right) and it will take you to the Confederate Pyrmid.)

Monday October 24th from 6PM to 8PM
Grissom Library
366 Deshazor Drive
Newport News, VA 23608
This is a 2-hour presentation by CVAPI on everything you need to know about ghost hunting and more. This was a big hit last year and we are glad to return again this year.

Sideline Cafe
Chesterfield Meadows Shopping Center
10348 Iron Bridge Road
Chester VA 23831
Sideline's annual Halloween Party is SATURDAY OCT 29TH. Costume contests, free giveaways, drink and food specials. CVAPI will reopen the doors at 3:00AM (Oct 30th) for a public ghost hunt. Tickets are $15 per person and available for purchase at Sideline Cafe or on our website under "Events". (You must have a ticket to be in the building after hours!) This will be followed by a Breakfast Buffet by Sideline Cafe. I hope to see you there! Look for more information on the History of Sideline Cafe on our forum.

With so many requests over the years, this is the first time we have made available a shirt order open to the public. They are Gildan brand, true to size, one-sided with our original logo and glow in the dark ink. Shirts begin at $17.00 and Hoodies are available as well. Please see our "CUURENT SHIRT ORDER" in yellow, on our homepage at www.cvapi.com, or they are available for order at Sideline Cafe.

This is our case that aired on Animal Planet's Demon Exorcist. Sarah Maitland has recently published a book on her family's story. The title is "The Black Shadow" the untold story By Sarah Maitland. A link to her book is available on our website under the "Video" section of Chester, Virginia.

If we don't get the opportunity to see you, may you all have a safe and happy Halloween!

Jackie & Nikki Tomlin

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CVAPI T-Shirt & Hoodie Orders

Over time we have recieved numerous inquiries on how to get one of our t-shirts or hoodies.  We have struggled with making this decision open to the public.  The reason for this is we have had problems in the past with someone impersonating us in trying to recruit investigations.
With that said, CVAPI does NOT recruit investigations and never has.  We either accept or deny investigations requested from us.  In case management you will deal directly with either JACKIE OR NIKKI TOMLIN.  If someone else from CVAPI contacts you, they will be appointed to do so by one of them, only AFTER you have spoke with us.
We are opening our Shirt and Hoodies up for public order for the month of October, for the first time.  These are one-sided only, with the original logo and the glow in the dark ink.  They are both Gildan brand name and are "true to size" and shrink very little.  They are double printed first with the logo and then with the glow in the dark ink, making the price a little higher than most, but the price we pay as well.  You will need to wash these inside out in order to preserve the glow in the dark ink.
Visit our website at http://www.cvapi.com/ fill out the order form and be sure to include your email address.  These are prepaid orders and an invoice will come to your email via Paypal. (You do NOT have to have a PayPal account in order to purchase.)
Shirt and Hoodie orders should arrive mid to late November.  Local delivery can be arranged free of charge as well as they may be picked up from Sideline Cafe.  If shipping is required we are asking for an additional $5 on orders to cover the expense, no matter what the quantity is.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday October 24th - Grissom Library

We will return to Grissom Library Monday October 24th from 6PM to 8PM for Ghost Hunting 101, free and open to the public.

Grissom Library
366 Deshazor Drive
Newport News, VA 23608

This is a 2-hour presentation that is very informative and a lot of fun.  If your planning on coming, arrive early as this really packs in a full house.  There have been many, many inquiries as to if we have something in print on this.  It is currently in the works!
If you are curious, had paranormal experiences, on a paranormal team, thinking of a paranormal team or are interested in ghost hunting on your own, please take the time to attend.  You won't be disappointed!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Psychic readings and college football this Saturday

Psychic readings and college football this Saturday

Ghost Hunt with CVAPI

Join members of CVAPI Saturday October 29th for the Halloween Party at Sideline Cafe.  Costume contest, psychic readings, drink specials, food specials, and free give aways.
Following the Halloween Party, CVAPI will reopen the doors at 3:00AM for a hands on ghost hunt with CVAPI.  Advance tickets are $15.00 per person, and includes a Breakfast Buffet.  Tickets are available for purchase now on our website at www.cvapi.com and will be on sale at Sideline Cafe starting Thursday September 23rd.  SPACES ARE LIMITED, and all sales are final.
Feel free to bring cameras, recorders or any ghost hunting equipment you may have.  Equipment is NOT required in order to participate!  More details will be provided soon.  We hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

CVAPI's Forum

I am currently in the process of bringing the forum back to life.  Many topics have been deleted from past threads.  If one was yours, do not be offended as threads were removed that had outdated links.  Over the next few days, I hope to begin some new topics.  I am also adding a paranormal directory where teams can post their information.  If you cannot remember your login or password, go ahead and re-register.  The forum sees a lot of traffic but very few will register or post.
Our website has been updated and seems to be running smoothly.  The video section will take a moment to load as it depends on your connection speed.  In updating the website, we indeed did loose some of our links.  If you are interested in a link exchange or are currently linked to us please email me at Jackie@cvapi.com.  Some of the "kinks" on the site are still being worked out, if you come across a problem please feel free to notify me.
You will also notice that a page has been added to the site for Sideline Cafe.  As our sponsor, this page will be updated frequently.
I generally don't post anything here that is not paranormal related but would like to share this with you all.  I have a client that her story will air on Lifetime this Sunday September 4th at 4PM EST.  It is called, "Bringing Ashley Home".  It is her story on her quest to find her sister who suffered from mental illness as well as a drug addict.  The reason I am posting this is in support of her organization Out Post For Hope.  This organization is for Missing, Missing Persons and for Kids off the Grid.  If you know anyone that may benefit from this, please pass the information on.
Psychic Readings By Jackie

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Contacting a Demonologist or Clergy

This is going out to the several paranormal teams that I have spoke with in the last few weeks.  How do you get the family your helping the help they need?  Honestly, I don't know.
The demonologist sometimes will respond and sometimes they won't.  I have the STRONG impression that unless their is a television camera involved, they don't want to be bothered.  If you are like CVAPI and collecting the evidence from the location to present to them, it still does not seem to matter.
In the instance of the Maitland case, in all honesty we got lucky.  Sarah Maitland has often commended me for not leaving them high and dry.  The only thing we could do at that point is reach out to those that could help that family and hope for the best.  Dwayne did respond.  Was it because he was currently working on his documentary?  I don't know, and none of us care.  They got the help they needed.  We reached out to several well known demonologist and a couple that are popular in "paranormal clergy" to which they never responded.
I do want to stress that the Maitland case is NOT the worst case we have ever had.  We have had a few, some in which the families themselves have contacted well known demonologist that were seeking an incredible amount of money to come to Virginia, and yes indeed, they wanted to contact producers first.
In two separate cases we have contacted those "well known" in paranormal clergy.  One of them wanted a tremendous amount of money for travel, and "his time".  The other wanted to turn it over to his own paranormal team to which they contacted us wanting to know how much the family was willing to pay.  I can agree with covering their travel expenses, but not for paying for their time or for them to make a profit.
In one particular case the family had already left the home when they contacted us.  (They no longer live at that location.)  The fiasco of trying to get them help was a joke to say the least.  I still have producers contacting me to this day on that very case.  This was a rental property and the owner wants a lot of money for them to even enter the location.  This case was "similar" to the Maitland case, but much more severe in paranormal activity.  (8 renters in 24 months.)
And yes, I still have families in need of assistance to which we are unable to provide.  We do not or have ever proclaimed to clear a location.  All we can do is reach out and have them do the same.
You will notice that a lot of these well known's have "call us" or "contact us" on their websites.  Well unless you mention $$$$ or producer, good luck with getting them to assist.  Even in the Maitland case, I prepared them to be ready to pay for someone's travel.  Since they did agree to air their case, Discovery covered all of their expenses.
So what do you do?  Listen, and be there for them.  Have them reach out to their local clergy.  (To which most won't respond.) Keep pushing forward doing what you do best, and hopefully one day someone will step up to assist. (Or in some cases the family will move, in which is not always the answer.)
Negative cases are few and far in between and an actual demonic case is rare.  The majority of our cases are seeking confirmation that it is indeed paranormal activity.  Our screening process on investigation requests has become much harder.  Due to the airing of Demon Exorcist it seems most are reporting demonic haunts.  This has left us to sort out who is having actual activity, why do they feel its demonic and to question if they want to be on TV.
In the event a producer does call you on these "negative cases".  They will indeed get them the help they need, but be warned there are drawbacks.  In one of our cases that was not negative, the family pulled out at 8PM the night prior to filming.  The problem?  This particular producer also worked on two other well known shows and our contracts did not match.  In the Maitland case they twisted their story in a bad way.  The family got through that, recognizing they got the help they needed.  However, they are still being bashed on the Internet through some "self proclaimed Christians", to which their children read, as if this family has not been through enough.
So to the paranormal teams out there, keep pushing forward, but realize there is so much you can do.
Meanwhile our new website will launch soon and you may continue to contact me at http://www.cvapi.com/

Monday, August 22, 2011

Website, Forum & Link Exchange

CVAPI's website has been under construction for the last few weeks.  The new website should launch in the next few days, offering easier navigation to the site, and supporting all smartphones.  Meanwhile there are many links on the site currently that are not functioning.  Also, we have run into a problem with our link exchange, loosing many of the links.  If you have us linked, or are interested in a link exchange please email me at Jackie@cvapi.com.
CVAPI's forum has varying topics and a lot of heavy traffic.  Due to other projects I have indeed let the forum fall by the wayside.  We will begin adding new topics and continue to move forward so please feel free to register and join us on our forum.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RIP Critics Credibility

Nine months ago, CVAPI conducted the investigation at the Maitland Family home in Chester, Virginia. Though CVAPI or the Maitland family has not bought this up for weeks, the critics are still screaming.

Exactly who are these critics? This is the question we are asked constantly. From the best that we can tell they are “Paranormal Bashers”. Or in a nutshell, they are nobodies screaming for the publics attention as they are “Know it all’s” in the field of the paranormal, demonology and working with producers.

On NUMEROUS occasions, I have invited them to pick up the phone and speak to me directly, to which none of them will. They seem to see it as MUCH easier to talk crap on the web without validating anything from the “True sources”.

One of the sites that continue to bash Demon Exorcist is Scifake. Fake is correct, from what we have seen everything posted there is on speculation and opinions. If you want to know more about them google Ron Tebo, this will explain the credibility of this character. (Though now he has become a magician http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHEWlji2gD0) Though he has indeed offered a “weak” apology to Sarah Maitland, he did not hesitate to exploit her children. A nice demonstration of how much time and effort they will put into us can be found here: (http://scifake.com/wp-content/forum-media-uploads/jetson/demon-screamers.wmv)
The most recent is Kirby Robinson, from Eyeontheparanormal. What a clown this one is. Kirby has been invited to call me directly; I have offered a recorded interview, and any questions I ask him he has indeed evaded. One of the questions I have asked him is “What is your title”? Meaning what do you do? If Dwayne is a demonologist what do you do? Are you unemployed? Are you a blogger?

This is what we have found to be true. He is indeed a blogger and promotes the affiliates program on his blog. (He makes pennies for each time you click on it.) And more so than anything he is a “Paranormal Basher”. (http://www.psiro.com/index.php/articles/opinion-a-debate/115-a-response-to-kirby-robinson.html)

On March 5, 2011 Kirby himself did a radio show interview promoting his self-published book on some of his bashing. (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/claranormal/2011/03/06/author-kirby-robinson-talks-about-his-new-book-paranormal-reality-investigating-paranormal-state) He begins by stating that he is not there to bash anyone’s personal lives. In this case that is untrue. They have been all over Sarah Maitland about medical records and exploiting her children. Kirby’s defense is that we made this public record by going on TV with her story. In this radio show he speaks of his “Painstaking analysis” and has “Validated” claims by “Confidential sources.” (Who really cares what time the clock on the wall states and what went on behind the scenes on Paranormal State? Are you that nosey?) He also commends Chip Coffee, states that they mistreated Chip Coffee, and he has no issues with the show Psychic Kids. (Funny how his blog bashes all of this.) It appears that there is an issue of keeping his story straight.

So now, lets talk about what we know from first hand experience. “Validating claims by confidential sources.” Some of their “Confidential sources” are ex members of CVAPI. Meaning they are no longer affiliated with us due to lack of professionalism. Those that have been following this saw this on a comment posted on one of my Examiner articles to Sarah Maitland directly, to which my editor removed. These ex members were indeed at the investigation of the Maitland case. They had NO PROBLEMS with screaming it was demonic during evidence review, willingly participated in recruiting a demonologist, and “Claimed” to have bought something home with them, in which was filmed by Firecracker Films. They have no children of their own, do not even like children, and are now “Concerned” about the Maitland family children. Not to mention that they acted “Horrified” that the children were on the program, when they KNEW the camera crew was with them for days. These are some of their “Confidential sources”.
From the radio show we have found what they said about Kirby:

-25 years in the paranormal field

-Performed numberous house blessings and exorcisms

-Spent much of his time helping people with demonic hauntings.

-Claims to be a Buddist.
-Self published a book bashing Paranormal State

So I have to ask….WHO wants to be on television? WHO is keeping this story alive without contacting the REAL sources? And WHO continuously brings up Dwayne going to series, book deals and movie deals?

I am personally glad that we found Dwayne. He stepped up to bat when no one else would. At that time, the Maitland family was ready to walk away from their home permanently. I can honestly say that without Dwayne’s help, they may have.

The transformation that I have personally seen in the entire family is phenomenal, they are all doing well and I will bring you a follow up with them soon. Do we support Dwayne going to series? YES. If he is HELPING families instead of writing crap about them on the web, who cares what television does?????

There are 4 TRUE sources to Demon Exorcists, “The Black Shadow”….FIRECRACKER FILMS, DWAYNE CLAUD, JACKIE TOMLIN and SARAH MAITLAND. We have all moved on….it is a shame these idiots cannot.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Location Release

You will notice on our website, that there are various locations listed.  Some are listed as Private Residence, and the county that they are in.  Others may have more description behind them, such as an intersection, subdivision or area they are in.  This is the decision of the homeowner and/or business owner.
Part of the paperwork between our clients and CVAPI, is how any information will be released on the web.  Though we do not disclose direct addresses, a lot of them are opting to put a little more information up, in hopes that others in their area will come forward as well.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Psychics Scamming Paranormal Investigators on Blogtalk

Paranormal Teams, beware.  The latest psychic scam has arrived.  We have been approached by a psychic with a "featured radio show" on Blogtalk radio.  They are asking that you "pay" a fee to be a guest on their show as well as offering advertising on their blogtalk site.  First of all, you should never PAY to be on ANY radio show. 
To add to thier "hype" they are including some well known names that they say have appeared on their radio show.  When browsing through their past shows podcasts, I was unable to find that any of these people ever appeared on their show.
I did indeed approached them as to if they were seeking funds for their personal gain.  This is the copy of the response that I recieved:

"No its not financial gain, its to keep the show on the air and this show has helped so many people, we have helped people even as far as stopping them from committing suicide. All of my guest have been more then happy to help the show, as they know how much the show helps people, they get to help when they are on and many listeners go them privately for help! "

Okay, were do I start here...
First of all psychics do not offer medical or legal advice.  To proclaim that you have assisted anyone from committing suicide is just wrong.  And yes, I agree that many shows are informative and help listeners in many ways.  But in reality....if you cannot afford your radio show GET OFF THE AIR, or downgrade to a free show, since you obviously have such a strong following.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sad but true...(Beware Richmond area paranormal teams!)

Well we have recieved word that this certain person has pulled Sarah's story. However, they have now put their full focus on me. (Top page news...whoohooo) However, his informant has been revealed to me. So local paranormal teams beware. (nothing like one informant ratting out another and sending me the emails.) This person is local, on a paranormal team, involved with a couple of others and Meetup. Jealousy CANNOT possibly begin to describe this person. Want a front page story...start digging into your informant's background. There is a reason why they are not affiliated with CVAPI.
As far as this basher, as stated earlier in my Facebook status..."Like birds of a feather, psychos stick together!" These two offset each other nicely as both have no real job to speak off and are dieing for recognition.
Now I want call this low life out by name....but let me give you a hint....
The proper way to spell PSYCHIC is just that .... NOT PHYSIC!
And oh yeah, there were 3 initials that CVAPI used to use on our team....The team they are on is named after that.
As stated yesterday, this is stalking at its best. It has nothing to do with the Maitland family, Dwayne Claud, or the Demon Exorcist.
Sorry guys, I still won't give you any media attention!

Chelsea Raine: Twisted Dream, Dead Moon - Richmond Psychic & Paranormal | Examiner.com

Chelsea Raine: Twisted Dream, Dead Moon - Richmond Psychic & Paranormal | Examiner.com

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lots of Traffic...

Well the stats show that the blog traffic has definitely increased, imagine that. I would like to thank our supporters in "digging up the dirt" on one of our so called bashers as this has given me a good laugh. It does appear to be true that people will talk ABOUT you when they can't get any recognition of their own. Never met him, never even heard of him, kind of seems like a stalker wouldn't you say? Some that know this person first hand have said he has that stance in the media world. Maybe that is why his interview wasn't aired? (But yet, says I'm looking for recognition, lol) Just my opinion of course.
Speaking of media, NO I would never mention this person. Why? Because this is what he wants, lol. The ones that deserve the media recognition are the Maitland family for the hell they have been through.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Feeling the love...

I would like to start with a huge THANK YOU, to our friends, clients and para celebs for your outpour of support. It is apparant that our supporters out weight our bashers! The same with the psychic community from my psychic friends, clients and celebrity clients, thank you for your kind words and support.
It has amazed me as to how myself, Dwayne and the Maitland Family, have become on alltime consuming obsession with some of these bashers. To the point, that not only can they NOT go a 24 hour period without emailing me, but indeed email us every 6 to 8 hours!
I also like the apologetic approach in asking us to dig dirt up on one another. THIS MAKES ME LAUGH! (Yep, some have definitly thrown the crazy switch!)
Maybe I should give them credit as professionals by publishing their emails? Where the public can see them cussing at us, calling us names, and threatening us?
Do not bother posting your deragatory comments here, as it is my blog and they will be removed.
I must say that I am completely flattered that I now consume your entire day and evenings. Hmmmm....MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!
To those bashers I have to ask WHERE IS YOUR PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION? Because I have the Maitlands...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Animal Planet's Demon Exorcist: The bashing continues...

It is truly disheartening to see the bashing that continues on the Maitland family and Dwayne Claud after the airing of Demon Exorcist. Those that are quick to bash, do not have the full story of the Maitland case. As mentioned in an Examiner article, CVAPI will work with the Maitland family on a documentary to get their story out there in its entirety.
First of all, I would like to say that this is NOT the first case that CVAPI has had that is similar to their story. A strict protocol is followed and pursued on these cases, as it is much more than an investigation. CVAPI does not go into a home or business to “prove” a haunting. The definition of the paranormal simply means the “unexplained”. The investigation did prove just that. The documentary will air the actual time stamped footage of a hand that appears to be inhuman.
Secondly, I hate repeating myself, but in lieu of the bashing, I find that it is necessary. Sarah Maitland had contacted CVAPI several months prior to the investigation. CVAPI moved forward with this case once the family fell under physical attack and hospitalizations were mentioned.
Sarah and Toby Maitland have been completely honest with CVAPI and Dwayne Claud into their families past. This includes providing their medical information as well as their psychiatric evaluations. Anyone out there that knows ANYTHING at all about demonology can tell you that most have suffered from a psychological experience, and in certain cases this can lead to bringing the negativity into you. CVAPI also has a child counselor onboard this team that could testify that the family was still in need of assistance.
There also appears to be a question about the Electronic Magnetic Fields of the location (EMF’s). These were checked several times by CVAPI as well as Dwayne Claud’s team, and I might add that Toby Maitland himself is an electrician.
The footage from the investigation validated a lot of what the family was reporting having us seek out a demonologist. I have personally received numerous emails asking why didn’t I contact this person or that person. In actuality, those people you are questioning about were indeed contacted. NONE of them bothered to respond, leaving me with the impression that if a television camera or money wasn’t involved, it was a waste of their time.
Equally disturbing was input from two past “rookies” of CVAPI voicing their input to the Maitland family. One of these two claimed that they were not psychic but could “read people” when in actuality it is called “judging” people. As my daughter had stated, “It is partially to blame for their lack of professionalism as to why they are no longer members of CVAPI.” This is a classic syndrome of two rookies that now know what an orb is and can crop and EVP and feel they are paranormal experts. They indeed had little knowledge on demonology but willingly participated on this case. These two rank right up there with the ones that are bashing the Maitland family and Dwayne across the Internet.
In addition, to the emails I am receiving questioning our selection in demonologist I am receiving emails from psychologist proclaiming to be “concerned” for the Maitland family. They have gone as far as to dig up stuff from 2006 on the family and send to us. To this I say …..REALLY? You are several months behind as we were aware of everything several months ago. Do you not have anything better to do with your time? If not, let me make a recommendation for you. Offer your assistance to other paranormal teams, as these cases do surface. There are many families out there in need of help that have no one. Why don’t you put your focus there instead of antagonizing the Maitland family?
Next are the emails regarding Firecracker Films. As stated before, CVAPI and the Maitland family all enjoyed working with Firecracker Films. There was a discrepancy in what aired and that was discussed between the Maitland Family and Firecracker Films. In their defense, they agreed that their story would have made a full hour series. It was the Discovery Channel that would not allow it. (Get it right people, Animal Planet is owned by Discovery.) Their guidelines have changed several times from how many cases per show, to how many shows etc. They are doing what is asked of them. Unfortunately due to these time constraints, the whole story did not surface, just a briefing to show whom Dwayne is.
Now regarding Dwayne, both CVAPI and the Maitland family gave credit where credit was due. He listened and he helped. (Which is a lot more than I can say for those sitting around running their mouths on forums.) What you do not know is that I attended the house clearing with Dwayne Claud to present a unified front to the Maitland family, which included a discussion with Sarah that the majority of this would be up to her. In addition he lined up local counselors for the family while he was here.
Now I would like to discuss the emails that I am receiving about Dwayne and his wife Sarah. These are regarding past cases they have worked etc. To this I have to ask…..THIS CONCERNS ME HOW? CVAPI followed their protocol with a history pull, investigation, medical documentation provided, and clergy assisted prior to seeking out a demonologist. Dwayne as a demonologist displayed nothing but professionalism to this team and to this family. What did you do? What are you currently doing to assist other teams? Or are you one that spends your time bashing everyone else?
Other questions that I have, to the demonologists that are contacting me….What are your credentials? Anyone ever bashed you? To the psychologist out there….What are your credentials? What is your knowledge in parapsychology? If you are so eager to help and be involved, are you currently assisting other paranormal teams? To the scientist out there….Have you ever had a paranormal experience? Have you ever attended a paranormal investigation? Are you open-minded enough to attend a paranormal investigation or is this beneath you?
Amazingly enough these bashers are also responsible for the bashing of Chip Coffee, Zak Bagans and many others. Really people do you have nothing better to do? IF your legitimate concern is reality TV then I am to assume you also have issues with shows like The Real Housewives or Top Chef. Are you bashing the people on the shows or are you reaching out to the Networks that air them?
To these so-called bashers, professionals etc, since you obviously have all of the answers WHERE IS YOUR TV SERIES? What is that? You don’t have one? Well let me tell you, IF you did, they would do the same thing to you as they have to many others, there is but so much time to air things, and they are going for the ratings.
Ironically, what I find to be funny….You are keeping the Demon Exorcist alive and in the media, and on the internet, which will boost the hell out of Dwayne’s ratings! (You know what they say, jealousy is the best form of flattery!)To the demonologists, psychologists, scientists, and bashers, get involved in your local paranormal community and see if you can find something productive to do in your spare time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Animal Planet - Demon Exorcist - April 24th

For those that missed the show, it will air April 24th at 3:00PM in the middle of "The Haunted" marathon. Our case is "The Black Shadow" in Chester, Virginia. You will hear more from this family through CVAPI in the next few upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, we hope that you will tune in.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

CVAPI's Case on the Animal Planet this Friday

One of our local cases in Chester Virginia will air this Friday night on the Animal Planet on a new show called the Demon Exorcist with Dwayne Claud. This is one of our demonic cases in which we called Dwayne in.
Demonic cases are few and far between but do actually exist. In this particular case basically the whole family had fallen under attack. I am hoping that they will do a great job in airing the nightmare they were living. The family consented to go on the air with their story to help get the word out there as to what can happen and what people go through.
The one hour show will air 3 of Dwayne's cases. Due to time constraints of a one hour show, the interviews with the members of CVAPI were cut out. This is a shame however these guys put in a lot of hard work on this case. (120 hours in 5 days!)
Everyone on the team participated! They really came together to get answers for this family.
A big THANK YOU to Toby and Christian who participated in the investigation and evidence review. Also to Christian for his insights as a child counselor. To Debbie for he help in researching the property and the tree in the backyard. And to Nikki for the walk thru's, numerous notes and evidence review. You all made this happen!
This team stays busy and are always interested in new investigators that wish to join us. We first ask that your join us on our meetup group at www.meetup.com/paranormalcvapi. Please note that we would not take you out on a demonic case unless you wish to go through that training.