Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Petersburg Historic District

It is unuasual for us to be able to say were we are heading to investigate. This evening we will be heading to Petersburg's Folly Castle Historic District, for an investigation of a vacant house built in 1810. We will be working with MoSoghost.net out of Missouri on this case. The house is currently for sale, and the Real Estate Company has requested the investigation. We have received a couple of emails today to inquire about this, as it was broadcast on some radio stations this morning. We certainly hope to have more information about this later this week. Look for an upcoming article in the Richmond Examiner at http://examiner.com/x-21578-Richmond-Psychic--Pararnormal-Examiner.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Camera Adapter

We did receive back today, OUR camera adapter. With this is the camera adapter only. No stabalizer bar, no shoe, no warranty papers or anything like that (in which we paid for). Also noted, that we, the public can purchase this adapter from Amazon for $63.00. So what do you think we spent $115.00 on? Especially when "this person" had such a "powerful discount" on camera equipment that they were extending to us...
Has anyone spoke to Cheyenne lately?

www.CVAPI.com Undergoing Upgrades

CVAPI is fortunate enough to own their own server. Currently that server is being upgraded. This will allow us to expand the website as well as incorporate some new features. We do have several video clips, EVP's and photographs to add to the site as of now. Upgrades to the site should begin later next week.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Upcoming Documentary

Last weekend CVAPI worked with Nicole Sorgini, from George Washington University on an upcoming documentary on "Paranormal Investigators". I believe we all had a great time and enjoyed working with Nicole and her friends. It is a nice change to get the word out on what we do as investigators. Our personal experiences, what we look for and how the equipment operates. More to come on this soon!