Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 2014

Wishing you all a 
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Happy New Year!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Demonic Cases

When we first started CVAPI back in 2008, a demonic case would come in about 1 in every 20 cases.  Nowadays, it appears that 80% of our investigation requests are demonic cases.

If this applies to you, you do not need a paranormal team or a paranormal investigation.  From what we have seen you know what is there, and so do we.  You need clergy and/or a demonologist.  We do not clear, or banish anything from locations.

In 95% of demonic cases, someone in the home has done something to draw this in to them.  We have found that these families will start seeking help when they or someone close to them has been attacked.  YES, they can attack someone in your home as well as someone close to you.  It can also effect your attitude as well as effect you emotionally and physically.

Having your home blessed and buying religious items is not going to "Fix" a demonic haunt.  80% of fixing the problem is going to lie with you or the person that has drawn it in.  (A united front as a family helps!)  But the first thing that HAS to happen is to stop communicating with it and STOP giving it recognition.  (Both are feeding it and giving it strength.)  Don't even discuss it, do not run EVP's, and do not "enjoy" any paranormal activity that it creates.  Moving is not the answer, as it will generally follow you.

Often it appears that people are seeking an investigation because they may feel that we do not believe them.  We do believe you.  As crazy as your report may sound, we HAVE heard it before and have had these cases.  An investigation is only going to amp things up and NOT solve your problem.

Even with family members being attacked, it is common that this family will still give it recognition.  They are not possessed (That is a rarity) but they become "Obsessed" with it.  I can tell you that once you have reached this point....things will only get worse.

It is a long drawn out process.   You can compare this to someone who is trying to loose weight.  They didn't gain the weight overnight, nor will they loose it overnight.  It is a process that takes time, and takes you addressing the problem each day. You have to make "Lifestyle changes" for weight loose, you have to do the same with a demonic haunt. I have seen success from people overcoming these haunts by following the lead of clergy and/or a demonologist.

You should never have to pay for an investigation, house blessing etc.  However, if you are seeking to have someone come in from out of state you CAN expect to pay for their travel expenses and stay.  (I don't know of anyone that is independently wealthy enough to fly around the country for free.)

How many "Demonic" investigations requests are we getting?  As of today a whooping 17 request for the calendar year of 2014.  Why?  Has the Universe changed?  Or perhaps it is television....  CVAPI does NOT want to be known as a team that specializes in demonic haunts.

What we CAN do....
We can point you in the direction of clergy and/or a demonologist.  IF at that point they would like us to perform an investigation, then arrangements will be made.