Wednesday, August 22, 2012

General Updates

We are hearing from a lot of our past clients regarding an increase in paranormal activity.  Honestly, I am not surprised.  In the month of August, not only did we close out Mercury Retrograde, we have undergone many meteor showers.  This energy alone can indeed increase paranormal activity.

CVAPI remains busy working on a couple of projects as well as an undisclosed location.  We are still accepting investigation requests with our full schedule.  For the locals that are interested in the paranormal, please feel free to join our meetup group Central Virginia PsychicDevelopment & Paranormal Research.  Although meetups were put on hold for the summer, we will begin to line up public outings again.
We receive many requests for advertising on our website.  We will only listen to proposals from local businesses or legitimate advertising agencies.   We also seem to go through spurts of people contacting us for job opportunities.  CVAPI is currently full, and any position that is filled is on a volunteer basis. 

We will be guests on a couple of different radio shows that are upcoming, and we will get the information up on these shows soon!