Monday, June 8, 2009

The Beginning of CVAPI...

CVAPI is actually a spinoff of my Meetup Group called Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research. Some refer to it as my "core" group. My Meetup group had only been in place for 3 months, when I started receiving requests for investigations. Of the two that requested investigations, I referred them to another local paranormal team. The first that contacted the team, said that team never responded to her. The second that contacted that team, said that they had "belittled" her and spoke to her as if she were nuts.

This prompted me to start my own paranormal team, to help those that needed help. This group strongly believe that "everyone needs to be heard", and I find it disheartening in how they were treated. In May of 2008, on a public investigation with my Meetup group, I announced that a team would be formed.

Those that were seriously interested contacted me right away. Three of those people are still with me today. Two solid weeks of work started at that point. From deciding upon our name, contacting my attorney for the legalities, a website, the paperwork, and the forming of our bylaws. The finality came with Herman creating our logo.

A year ago today, June 8th, was the day we meet as a team and established the bylaws and the signing of our paperwork. The accomplishments in the last year have amazed me. Bylaws were added to and amended as we progressed in investigations. New ideas continue to come to light. We had investigators that did not work out, and still we moved forward. By the end of the year, we had completed several investigations, we have been in local and national papers, we have been on local tv, our clients are delighted with our findings and would have us back. We have also accomplished purchasing a new surveillance system, in which, several months ago, we did not believe we would reach that goal.

Today, as it has been one year, I can honestly say that I am 100% satisfied with this team. Members work well together. The hours are long, the drives are long, the evidence review is a long process. For this we are paid nothing. We enjoy what we do, wrap up one investigation and move forward to the next.

The plan for this year, is to continue to move forward and keeping this group in a positive light within the community. We have welcomed Cory aboard as a new member and have a couple of guests that are hanging out with us. I would also like to thank Heidi for our cake (pictured at the bottom of the blog). It was really great to get together not only as a team but as friends. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER YEAR!

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