Thursday, October 7, 2010



On the Psychic Front:

Psychic Leo Brown from Illinois and I will be teaming up for a few days in the month of November. Though our schedule is tight due to upcoming radio appearances and a couple of interviews, we are running a Psychic Development Workshop and Live Readings in this area (Chesterfield, Virginia) for a couple of days only. The dates are Friday November 5th, and Saturday November 6th, and then we head to Charlotte NC for live readings and appearances on Monday November 8th. You will also find Leo’s bio at the bottom of the page. Any questions that you have you may contact me by email.

(To schedule an event, please contact me directly through one of the websites and NOT ON FACEBOOK.)

Psychic Development & Psychic Readings

PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP - Friday November 5th from 7:00PM to 9:00PM
SEATING IS LIMITED! Spend the evening with two well-known psychics! This is a 2-hour workshop with Jackie and Leo on psychic development. Topics will cover tools that a psychic may use, how you may get started, the varying gifts, and dream interpretation. This will also include a personalized psychic assessment with tips on what you can do to develop your own abilities. Snacks and beverages will be provided. Cost is $75.00 per person.

LIVE PSYCHIC READINGS – Saturday November 6th Beginning at 8:00AM
BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! This is for a full one-hour reading with Jackie and Leo. Due to scheduling we ask that you please plan to arrive on time. This is a wonderful opportunity to see first hand how psychics read differently and what each one may see and pick up on you. This is being offered for ONE DAY ONLY in this area. Cost is $150.00 per person.

$25.00 DISCOUNT for those that plan to attend both.
Visit under the “EVENTS” section to prepay and reserve your spot now, as they are filling up quick!

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – Monday November 8th from 10:00PM to 2:00AM
LIVE READINGS with Jackie and Leo. PreVue Rhythm Lounge, 2909 North Davidson Street, Charlotte NC 28205. Live Radio at 12:00PM Noon in the Charlotte area. (More details coming soon!)

On the Paranormal Front:

CVAPI (Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations). Radio appearances and lecture and presentation on Ghost Hunting.

LIVE RADIO – Friday October 15th at 8:00PM Eastern “Living in a Paranormal World” with Psychic Leo Brown. Call in’s welcome.

GHOST HUNTING 101 WITH CVAPI – Tuesday October 19th 6:30PM to 8:30PMGrissom Library, 366 DeShazor Drive, Newport News, VA 23608

LIVE RADIO – Saturday November 20th at 8:00PM Eastern “The Paranormal View” with Beth & Henry. CBS Radio Para X

Leo Brown's Bio:
Leo Brown has always been a talker. Ever since he was a boy growing up in the Deep South. "I would always run my mouth and tell people what I thought," he says. Though, some loved the fact that he was so open with his thoughts, some people found him to be a bit of a loudmouth. "As I was growing up, I was thinking of ways to use this mouth I had. I tried everything from customer service rep to selling medical insurance via phone. Nothing worked because I'd end up giving advice and telling people what was coming up for them," he says with a laugh. When asked if he always knew that he was psychic, his reply is simple. "Yes, but back where I come from, people I knew didn't say I was psychic they just told me that I knew things others didn't." Sitting in a comfy brown regal-looking chair but dressed in just a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt, Leo seems comfortable and at peace. Ever the open book, he goes on to say how his psychic skills began to take shape. "It started with dreams and just what you would call hunches at first, but as I got older especially around eighteen, it really grew, I had friends that would ask me about their love life, jobs, basic life questions even pets and soon my name started to grow but I never thought of it as a job, I was just helping people see things clearer." How Leo got into the business as a professional psychic is another story. "Actually, my best friend from high school suggested that I should seriously think about it as a career. My first thought was, No! I can't do that," he says laughing loudly. Fast-forward to today and Leo Brown not only loves what he does but also has a strong passion for it. "I'm very, very happy and glad I took my best friend's advice." he says as his smile radiates the room we're sitting in. "I've been in this business for six years and I feel that when you pick up that phone to speak with me, you’re speaking with a friend, who truly wants to help you and empower your life." "The key is though," he continues to say with a serious look on his face, "you have to be ready for the truth, because this is your life and your reading. I can be your friend only if you allow me to be."

Friday, April 23, 2010

Different types of haunts

HUMAN SPIRITS – These are simply people that have not crossed. Their temperament will appear the same in the afterlife as it did during their life. So if they were hateful in life, chances are they are still hateful now. (The same as being pleasant.)

CHILD SPIRITS – Yes, they are many in existence. However, there are certain warning signs to look for regarding a child spirit. If a human spirit, they tend to be playful or that of a pranster.

DEMONS & DAMNED SOULS – These are the worst types of haunts. Generally causing people to move from the home. They are out to scare you, can cause bodily harm, and tend to break or hide religious items in the home. There are several signs to a demonic haunt to which I will not discuss.

THE SUPERNATURAL – Unlike a human spirit the supernatural comes with “supernatural strength”. For example human spirits can shut doors, or move small items. The supernatural has the strength to levitate large pieces of furniture, etc. (Something an individual human would be incapable of.)

POLTERGIEST – Though often frightening, it simply means a noisy ghost. Slamming of doors and windows, stomping on the floor, rattling chains. (LOL joking, I haven’t heard chains rattle.)

Why are they here?
Human spirits can attach to a home or to the land. Some choose to stay while others are scarred to cross. This could be for varying reasons. They may question their faith, or worry they won’t be forgiven, or in child’s instance, just not understand. It is a common misconception that someone of clergy can make them cross. Clergy can reassure them of what is to come and all will be forgiven. It is the choice of the entity. Those of the Catholic faith tend to believe that if there is something here, it is evil, when indeed they can be stuck.
Demons and damned souls… If seen they generally, do not have eyes, indicating no soul. They can often manifest as a child or animal in order to earn your trust, there again, your warning would be two hollow holes for eyes.

For those living in a spirited home, you can set your boundaries. They tend to be like children, give them something they can do, as well as something they cannot do. For example, in my home, they are allowed to move items, but not to show themselves. (Also note they do NOT cooperate, as in dishes, laundry etc…YEP I have tried!!)

Also note, that Virginia Real Estate law does NOT require an agent to disclose to you if someone has died in the home. They have to tell you if you ask directly.

There are many, many reports of experiences from haunted locations. This is just a briefing on different types of haunts.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tomorrow Night Feb 5th at 9:00PM

Join me with LeAnne & Angela tomorrow night at 9:00PM at CBS Para-X Radio.