Thursday, June 30, 2011

Location Release

You will notice on our website, that there are various locations listed.  Some are listed as Private Residence, and the county that they are in.  Others may have more description behind them, such as an intersection, subdivision or area they are in.  This is the decision of the homeowner and/or business owner.
Part of the paperwork between our clients and CVAPI, is how any information will be released on the web.  Though we do not disclose direct addresses, a lot of them are opting to put a little more information up, in hopes that others in their area will come forward as well.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Psychics Scamming Paranormal Investigators on Blogtalk

Paranormal Teams, beware.  The latest psychic scam has arrived.  We have been approached by a psychic with a "featured radio show" on Blogtalk radio.  They are asking that you "pay" a fee to be a guest on their show as well as offering advertising on their blogtalk site.  First of all, you should never PAY to be on ANY radio show. 
To add to thier "hype" they are including some well known names that they say have appeared on their radio show.  When browsing through their past shows podcasts, I was unable to find that any of these people ever appeared on their show.
I did indeed approached them as to if they were seeking funds for their personal gain.  This is the copy of the response that I recieved:

"No its not financial gain, its to keep the show on the air and this show has helped so many people, we have helped people even as far as stopping them from committing suicide. All of my guest have been more then happy to help the show, as they know how much the show helps people, they get to help when they are on and many listeners go them privately for help! "

Okay, were do I start here...
First of all psychics do not offer medical or legal advice.  To proclaim that you have assisted anyone from committing suicide is just wrong.  And yes, I agree that many shows are informative and help listeners in many ways.  But in reality....if you cannot afford your radio show GET OFF THE AIR, or downgrade to a free show, since you obviously have such a strong following.