Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

EVP's fall into one of 3 classes. A Class A means that they are audible and easily understood. A Class B means they are audible and difficult to understand. And a Class C means that they are audible, and generally have to be "cleaned up", in order to understand.
Class A EVP's seem to come few and far in between. Even though we do have some nice Class A's posted on our website. When you enter the category of Class B and Class C, it is based entirely on speculation, as different people will hear different things.
When reviewing EVP's it is highly recommended that you use either headphones or ear buds. I was told this several times before trying this and was amazed at the difference it makes.
I also recommend the program Audacity. This is a FREE download, and you will find sites that sell it! When using Audacity, PLEASE do not rely, on the "flat line" on recordings. I have had several recordings appear on that flat line. It will give you a good visual of when to turn your volume down for review.
Audacity also gives you the features for EVP "clean up", as in amplifying the sound or noise reduction. We do try to keep the original file in tact as well.
I have found that some have an uncanny ear when it comes to hearing these recordings. As well as some can't hear them at all.
It is very possible to capture an EVP on an analog (cassette) recorder, as we have done so in the past. Of course, the digital recorders are preferred due to their sensitivity. If you don't have a recorder at all, I would recommend your cell phone. We have also found that this works very well. Various cell phones will have varying recording quality. So far, we have found the blackberry to be the best.
Find the record feature on your cell phone. Record, and then save the file. Then email that file to your computer. Once on your computer you may review the file in Audacity.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

CVAPI Matching the Deaf with the Paranormal

Recently we were approached by the deaf community wanting to participate in paranormal investigations. "Lily" is a member of my Meetup group Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research, and she is deaf. We recently had the opportunity to work with her on an investigation.
Lily had her interpreter with her that evening, but we feel that she would be okay even without one. I believe that we all fail to realize that the deaf have heightened senses in areas that we do not. Her interest are in video and photography. She was able to pick up things on photography that we were unable to because she felt a vibration in that area.
In complete darkness, she can communicate her need to speak with us with a flash light or a laser light. (I recommend the laser, as they shoot further than a flash light) If need be, she can write to us in what she is experiencing.
The paranormal for most of us, is a hobby. Her interest in the paranormal is no different than ours. She is limited in some of the research when it comes to the audio. Other than that, I cannot see that her handicap should hold her back from investigations.
Lily has bought to my attention, that she has over 100 people nationwide that are interested in paranormal investigations. CVAPI has agreed to assist her in a campaign of matching the deaf with paranormal teams.
I am asking that if you have a Meetup group, or a paranormal team, that you please take in a deaf person in your area as a guest or a member on an investigation. We are hoping to make a match with all of those in the deaf community that have a paranormal interest.
If you are interested in participating in this campaign, please contact me with your teams name and location.

Monday, June 22, 2009

CVAPI Welcomes Ryan to the Team

Ryan has been a guest of CVAPI for several weeks now. He has participated in two investigations, evidence review on several occassions, and has been through a training session. He has a strong backing in occult sciences that we certainly can use. Ryan is originally from North Carolina and has been in Virginia for less than a year now.
We look forward to having him as a team member and hope that we are part of his new beginning that he has been seeking.

In other news, we have an announcement later this week that paranormal teams across the country may participate!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Ovilus

This past weekend, CVAPI had the opportunity to conduct an investigation with Patrick Burns from Haunting Evidence and Shannon, and her husband Jeff from Ghost Hunters International, in Northern Virginia.
Patrick had The Ovilus, and this is the first time this team has worked with one of these. I much prefer this over the Franks Box! For one, there is no radio static. It only announces clear concise words that are stored on that device.
As with any paranormal device, there are questions concerning it's accuracy. However, we could not help but notice, that some of the words fit perfectly as to the location that we were in.
After several minutes had passed and we all forgot the Ovilus was even in the room. It announced a couple of words, in which, were most fitting of the questions we had just asked.
If any of you have worked with the Ovilus, we would like to hear from you. This is a new peice of equipment that we are considering adding.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Skeptics and Believers

Our team is made of both skeptics and believers. It takes both sides and both sets of opinions to conduct an investigation. The same as I don't let an investigator investigate alone. We pair off into groups. I like having two sets of eyes, and two sets of ears, for two sets of opinions and experiences.
I HATE the word "debunk". To me it tells someone that we do not believe them and we are there to prove them wrong. When entering an investigation we try to duplicate any experience that we, or the homeowner may have.
I find that most skeptics are the ones that have never had a paranormal experience. I even have skeptics that have had a paranormal experience as they are described as "hard to believe".
The majority of the investigation requests that we receive from homeowners, start with, "I am not crazy". They are educated, have careers, and are the average American family.
The Believers seem to be the ones that have had a paranormal experience. Particularly those that have seen a ghost in full form. Or, they have had several unexplainable experiences in their lifetime.
My experiences over the years, and working as a professional psychic, I guess you would say makes me a believer in the other side and the paranormal. HOWEVER, that does not mean that all reports of the paranormal are actually paranormal. Some instances can be explained.
For me as a psychic, I consider myself a "tool". Just an extra gadget to go along with our various equipment of cameras and meters.
So what are you? Skeptic or a believer?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Unexplained Camera Flash

I have opened up this topic a couple of times on our forum, with still no response. What is the unexplained camera flash?
During several investigations we have witnessed an "unexplained camera flash". Simply stated it appears that someone has taken your picture. However there is no one there with a camera! Several of my investigators have now had this experience. Luckily we have actually caught this on video a couple of times so we know we have not completely lost our minds!
Over the course of the last year, I have now seen this in my home twice. I have contacted many, many paranormal teams and no one can account for ever having this experience.
Is it possible that this is some sort of communication? Your thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Beginning of CVAPI...

CVAPI is actually a spinoff of my Meetup Group called Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research. Some refer to it as my "core" group. My Meetup group had only been in place for 3 months, when I started receiving requests for investigations. Of the two that requested investigations, I referred them to another local paranormal team. The first that contacted the team, said that team never responded to her. The second that contacted that team, said that they had "belittled" her and spoke to her as if she were nuts.

This prompted me to start my own paranormal team, to help those that needed help. This group strongly believe that "everyone needs to be heard", and I find it disheartening in how they were treated. In May of 2008, on a public investigation with my Meetup group, I announced that a team would be formed.

Those that were seriously interested contacted me right away. Three of those people are still with me today. Two solid weeks of work started at that point. From deciding upon our name, contacting my attorney for the legalities, a website, the paperwork, and the forming of our bylaws. The finality came with Herman creating our logo.

A year ago today, June 8th, was the day we meet as a team and established the bylaws and the signing of our paperwork. The accomplishments in the last year have amazed me. Bylaws were added to and amended as we progressed in investigations. New ideas continue to come to light. We had investigators that did not work out, and still we moved forward. By the end of the year, we had completed several investigations, we have been in local and national papers, we have been on local tv, our clients are delighted with our findings and would have us back. We have also accomplished purchasing a new surveillance system, in which, several months ago, we did not believe we would reach that goal.

Today, as it has been one year, I can honestly say that I am 100% satisfied with this team. Members work well together. The hours are long, the drives are long, the evidence review is a long process. For this we are paid nothing. We enjoy what we do, wrap up one investigation and move forward to the next.

The plan for this year, is to continue to move forward and keeping this group in a positive light within the community. We have welcomed Cory aboard as a new member and have a couple of guests that are hanging out with us. I would also like to thank Heidi for our cake (pictured at the bottom of the blog). It was really great to get together not only as a team but as friends. I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER YEAR!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spirits and our Hand Held Radios

It has amazed me in regards to how many experiences we have had with our hand held radios. (Walkie talkies) Our first experience we received a lot of "radio interference" in which we chalked up to it being one set of radios.
Our next experience was with a different set of radios. Most impressive is on another occasion, 5 of us set in the room and placed the radio on the table. This was also where we had returned to the location that we had a lot of interference on the radios. We were all amazed as "something" pushed the call button on that radio.
What causes the radio interference? Does it have something to do with the magnetic fields? It does appear that the radio frequencies are easily accessible to spirits.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CVAPI Welcomes Cory to the Team

It is always exciting when we add a new member to the team. Cory has accepted a training position with us. He has been out on a couple investigations with us, been through training sessions, and participated in evidence review.
He is a skeptic at heart with a wonderful approach on trying to duplicate instances. He works with our team members very well and we are lucky to have him.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Anniversay coming up!

It is hard to believe that we have been running formally as a team for a year now. This week will be geared towards getting everything ready for our party including our team, clients and supporters.
It is not as easy as some may think in putting together a team. However I am more than pleased with our community presence, our accomplishments, and what the team stands for.
I am looking forward to have everyone come together for a celebration as well as I can't wait to see what this upcoming year will hold for us.