Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

EVP's fall into one of 3 classes. A Class A means that they are audible and easily understood. A Class B means they are audible and difficult to understand. And a Class C means that they are audible, and generally have to be "cleaned up", in order to understand.
Class A EVP's seem to come few and far in between. Even though we do have some nice Class A's posted on our website. When you enter the category of Class B and Class C, it is based entirely on speculation, as different people will hear different things.
When reviewing EVP's it is highly recommended that you use either headphones or ear buds. I was told this several times before trying this and was amazed at the difference it makes.
I also recommend the program Audacity. This is a FREE download, and you will find sites that sell it! When using Audacity, PLEASE do not rely, on the "flat line" on recordings. I have had several recordings appear on that flat line. It will give you a good visual of when to turn your volume down for review.
Audacity also gives you the features for EVP "clean up", as in amplifying the sound or noise reduction. We do try to keep the original file in tact as well.
I have found that some have an uncanny ear when it comes to hearing these recordings. As well as some can't hear them at all.
It is very possible to capture an EVP on an analog (cassette) recorder, as we have done so in the past. Of course, the digital recorders are preferred due to their sensitivity. If you don't have a recorder at all, I would recommend your cell phone. We have also found that this works very well. Various cell phones will have varying recording quality. So far, we have found the blackberry to be the best.
Find the record feature on your cell phone. Record, and then save the file. Then email that file to your computer. Once on your computer you may review the file in Audacity.

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