Friday, June 12, 2009

Skeptics and Believers

Our team is made of both skeptics and believers. It takes both sides and both sets of opinions to conduct an investigation. The same as I don't let an investigator investigate alone. We pair off into groups. I like having two sets of eyes, and two sets of ears, for two sets of opinions and experiences.
I HATE the word "debunk". To me it tells someone that we do not believe them and we are there to prove them wrong. When entering an investigation we try to duplicate any experience that we, or the homeowner may have.
I find that most skeptics are the ones that have never had a paranormal experience. I even have skeptics that have had a paranormal experience as they are described as "hard to believe".
The majority of the investigation requests that we receive from homeowners, start with, "I am not crazy". They are educated, have careers, and are the average American family.
The Believers seem to be the ones that have had a paranormal experience. Particularly those that have seen a ghost in full form. Or, they have had several unexplainable experiences in their lifetime.
My experiences over the years, and working as a professional psychic, I guess you would say makes me a believer in the other side and the paranormal. HOWEVER, that does not mean that all reports of the paranormal are actually paranormal. Some instances can be explained.
For me as a psychic, I consider myself a "tool". Just an extra gadget to go along with our various equipment of cameras and meters.
So what are you? Skeptic or a believer?

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