Monday, September 7, 2009

CVAPI Clarifications

It has come to the attention of many CVAPI member's that there are some things that need to be clarified. First, we are a team of "paranormal investigators". Notice I said, "paranormal investigators", not psychic detectives. I am the founder of CVAPI and work as a full time psychic, this does not mean that we consist of a team of psychics. Those that do not carry those abilities take great offense to this.
The objective of CVAPI has always been, and always will be, that our clients come first. With that said it means our research comes second. The investigations that you see on our websites are "portions" of our investigations. Evidence collected at a location are given to our clients in their entirety. Our clients have a copy of everything that we have in our case files, a lot of teams do not believe in this. CVAPI does not believe in withholding information. We are very grateful for our clients that have opened their homes and businesses to us, as well as discussing their paranormal concerns. We also do not believe in prejudging people and carry the belief that everyone needs to be heard.
CVAPI does NOT charge for our services. Nor do we advertise that we are a non-profit organization. For those teams that advertise as a "non-profit organization" we "assume" that means that you have a non-profit organization status filled with the IRS, otherwise it is false advertising. CVAPI owns all of our equipment. It has been paid for out of our pockets, through fundraisers and donations.
CVAPI runs by strict structure and protocol. We do not carry any "specialists" in any category. Every member brings something special to this team, as humans, they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Every member is cross trained on investigations and research, as well as they have worked hard for a position on this team. Our team consists of skeptics and believers combined.
Working as a full time psychic brings a certain amount of publicity. It has been my decision to include CVAPI in that media circle. So to answer the latest buzz by people....NO we do NOT know anyone in the media that is helping us out. CVAPI is currently working on a couple of projects that cannot be disclosed to the public anytime soon.
There are team members in our chat room every Thursday night at 9:00PM located at . They are more than willing to answer your questions on the paranormal and any questions that you may have about CVAPI. The team itself is currently full, but we do encourage that you join our Meetup group at as we do include interested members from time to time.