Monday, April 18, 2011

Animal Planet - Demon Exorcist - April 24th

For those that missed the show, it will air April 24th at 3:00PM in the middle of "The Haunted" marathon. Our case is "The Black Shadow" in Chester, Virginia. You will hear more from this family through CVAPI in the next few upcoming weeks. Meanwhile, we hope that you will tune in.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

CVAPI's Case on the Animal Planet this Friday

One of our local cases in Chester Virginia will air this Friday night on the Animal Planet on a new show called the Demon Exorcist with Dwayne Claud. This is one of our demonic cases in which we called Dwayne in.
Demonic cases are few and far between but do actually exist. In this particular case basically the whole family had fallen under attack. I am hoping that they will do a great job in airing the nightmare they were living. The family consented to go on the air with their story to help get the word out there as to what can happen and what people go through.
The one hour show will air 3 of Dwayne's cases. Due to time constraints of a one hour show, the interviews with the members of CVAPI were cut out. This is a shame however these guys put in a lot of hard work on this case. (120 hours in 5 days!)
Everyone on the team participated! They really came together to get answers for this family.
A big THANK YOU to Toby and Christian who participated in the investigation and evidence review. Also to Christian for his insights as a child counselor. To Debbie for he help in researching the property and the tree in the backyard. And to Nikki for the walk thru's, numerous notes and evidence review. You all made this happen!
This team stays busy and are always interested in new investigators that wish to join us. We first ask that your join us on our meetup group at Please note that we would not take you out on a demonic case unless you wish to go through that training.