Friday, April 27, 2012

No Regrets...

This year has started off kind of crazy for us in terms of scheduling.  I am often approached about the case on Demon Exorcist.  Though it did not air the family's story in its entirety and portrayed some things that were not true, we have no regrets.  That family got the help they needed, in which is what we set out to do to begin with.  This show does continue to run from time to time.
For those that know us, know that CVAPI underwent some MAJOR changes over a year ago.  This is probably the best move that Nikki and I could have made.  This included revamping our entire protocol.  I think the only regret there is that we did not do it sooner!  With those changes, included the cases that we accept.  Although everyone is heard, we do not take all the cases that come into us, and some are referred out.
On Facebook, we can see that there is still a fair amount of "Paranormal Drama".  However, we choose not to be a part of it.  (The last I checked we are all adults.)
We continue to get an incredible amount of views on the blog.  (Though we do not know how they find it sometimes.)  We also continue to get an incredible amount of emails.  The emails that are answered are those pertaining to an investigation requests and/or an event.
For those interested in a psychic reading, please contact me through my site.  For the locals interested in the paranormal, please join our Meetup group, as we have outings planned for May and June.  We are getting a lot of requests on how to join CVAPI, and we are not taking in anyone new at this time.  CVAPI has its members in place, as well as those that we call upon if needed.
Until next time...