Friday, May 29, 2009

My Paranormal Interest Con't

In growing up in that farm house there were a lot of "unexplained" instances. One I remember is there was an empty room upstairs at the end of the hallway that the entire family used for storage. That room was directly over our kitchen. Often my Grandma would yell up the steps and ask what I was doing in that room when I had never been in there. We had several arguments about this. Late at night, I could hear someone walking in that room. At first I was told it was a mouse and we set traps and caught nothing. Then I was told the house was settling. (Built in the early 1800's how much more could it possibly settle) And finally I learned to sleep with the radio on.
Later in life, my daughter stayed at my Grandma's after school. She too, can now remember of being accused of being upstairs in that room when she had never went upstairs. It was true, at times sitting at the kitchen table, it appeared that someone was walking up there.
In regards to the family cemetery, growing up I was scared to death of it at night. To the point someone would have to walk me home if I had to pass it. That fear I never overcome. Now I wonder if there was more to it?

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