Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Interest in the Paranormal Began...

My interest in the paranormal began as a teenager. I grew up in an old farmhouse built in the early 1800’s, with my Grandmother and with our family cemetery in the yard. I think I was 14 or 15 when I had a sleep over and we all saw our first ghost!
We used to chase each other up the stairs. (Being an old farmhouse the stairs were very steep and my friends seemed to enjoy them.) After going downstairs to the kitchen for a drink and a snack, we then all 4 began to race up the stairs.
The one leading stopped midway up the stairs causing the rest of us to stop. The hallway light was on at the top of the steps and there stood a man, looking down at us in a war uniform. He was in perfect form. He was detailed enough that I could see the wrinkles near his eyes and the hair growth beginning on his face. At that moment my friend beside me said, “I can see through his legs!”. With that he completely disappeared.
Yes, it scared me to death. First of all, there was no doubt in any of us that it was a ghost. Second, the expression on his face I would never forget as I would describe him as angry. Angry at what? Me?
We told my Grandmother of our experience and she laughed it off, stating the house does not have ghost. (Even though the entire family joked about “Uncle Harvey”, the ghost that moved and hid items.) After my friends left, my Grandmother and I had a long talk because I did not think she realized how frightened and upset I really was about this. (No one lived upstairs but me.)
Later that day, she called me to the phone, it was one of her sisters. She told me that she too, had seen him in the house at an early age and no one believed her. She told me that it was my 6th great grandfather, who was a Captain in the Civil War and buried in the cemetery. It gave me some relief to know that he had been seen before, but no relief to go back upstairs that night.
For two months I slept downstairs in the living room on the sofa, until my family picked on me so bad that I eventually returned to my room. (I would go upstairs during the day, but made sure I did not have to return up there, when night fell.)
My Grandmother did not help matters at all by telling me it could have been anyone, as my bedroom was the soldier’s room. When they were in the Civil War and would come by the house that is the room they would stay in.
Recently we did an investigation were they report their ghosts in full form. Another report was said that there was a black shadow around 6-foot tall and the shape of a man. I saw that shadow! Once again, I felt like I was back in my teenage years and left completely speechless, to the point that I could not tell the investigator beside me to turnaround!
Of course this appeared off camera, and I am hoping that it appeared on one of the others. (We have not finished the video review yet.) If not, I would really like to return to this location to see if we can get him on video.
Funny thing, I have had two locations that report full figure aspirations, and both seem to play with my cameras, but will not appear in front of them!

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