Thursday, July 16, 2009

NBC Channel 12

When I was first contacted by reporter Matt Butner, of Channel 12, your first or foe? They have the ability to put you in a positive professional light or the ability to make you look like idiots! It is VERY hard to get across to the public, that what we do, consists of more than running around at night with flashlights. (Even though that is part of it.)
The story aired last night on the news at 11:00PM. The entire team was sitting on pins and needles. The end result...we are more than pleased with the story! Matt did a great job with showing us as professionals! He honored our request of not disclosing the location. Everyone on the team was on camera. All of the employees of the restaurant were on camera. We all LOVED the preview shown yesterday leading up to the story, what a great job they did with that!
If you missed it, you may review the story and video footage at Please take the time to cast your vote at the top of the story on, "Do you believe in ghosts?"

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