Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Follow up to investigations.

Over the span of two weeks, it has been bought to my attention that there are several local paranormal teams that are not following up with their clients.  (4 teams to be exact.)

No matter how busy CVAPI may be, we ALWAYS provide a written report as well as a copy of anything that we found or may have questioned.  We take a lot of pride in the fact that not only did the client contact us, but they opened up to us and shared their stories as well as allowing us in to their location.

To the paranormal teams out there that are not following through, I am more than disappointed.  In my opinion this makes you a "Thrill Seeker", not a "Paranormal Investigator". (There is a difference!) And generally it leaves another paranormal team to clean up your mess for sake of keeping the paranormal investigators in a positive light as a whole.

CVAPI has waited many years to see another team establish the same ethics as us, in putting the client FIRST.  With that said, we would like to give a "Welcome" and a "Shout out" to Historic Paranormal Research.   It has been really nice to have another local team to collaborate with.

To those with a paranormal concern, neither CVAPI or HPR will ever leave you hanging!  In the event, you cannot reach us, or cannot accommodate our waiting list, this is a team we would recommend.



  1. This is absolutely accurate! Of all the local "paranormal investigators" I contacted, Jackie w/ CVAPI was the only one that was professional, took my case seriously, and has continued to follow up & keep in touch with me. Even though we have not had the investigation done yet, she still took the time to come to my residence, do a walk through, provided information & answered my questions with intelligence & knowledge that impressed me tremendously. I look forward to proceeding with the investigation in early 2015, and would recommend Jackie & CVAPI to anyone that needs their paranormal experiences addressed. Thanks guys...& Im very excited to meet you all when its time for the investigation!

  2. We are looking forward to it! :)