Thursday, August 6, 2009

Paranormal Equipment

CVAPI carries an extensive amount of equipment. I am often asked where do we get the equipment. To be honest, it varies. There are many simple items that you can pick up at Walmart or your local hardware store. Other items have to be ordered online.
If you are just getting started, there are several items that you can pick up that will not break the bank. A flashlight is a must. I recommend a battery flashlight as well as an LED. (For some reason we do not have battery drain as often on the LED lights.) A camera, you can now purchase digital camera's for around $75. Any film camera will work as well. If you are on a budget and cannot afford an EMF meter, I would recommend a compass. You can pick these up in any camping section. They will spin the same way a EMF Meter will spike. A voice recorder, either digital or analog. I also recommend shopping the sales on the digital recorders.
For any other items I would recommend shopping online. EBay and Amazon would be a great place to shop as well as some of the online paranormal stores. However, please take the time for price comparisons before jumping into a purchase!

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