Friday, December 1, 2017

CVAPI will now charge for Paranormal Investigations (Effective December 2017)

CVAPI was originally established by Jackie and Nikki Tomlin in 2008.  Through many changes, coming into our 10th year anniversary, many changes are taking place.

Over the last 4 years, we have proven to ourselves, that we are unable to keep up with the volume of investigations requests.   Each year, they seem to increase.

Effective December of 2017, CVAPI will be charging for Paranormal Investigations.  This falls under the "Fortune Teller Permit" ordinance of "Communication with the dead", to which Jackie Tomlin and her company are the only ones to obtain in Chesterfield County, making CVAPI, a licensed division of her company.  In addition to Paranormal Investigations on private residences and businesses, they will still offer public speaking and their Ghost Hunting 101 presentation.

Paranormal investigators of CVAPI are trained and paid investigators.

Any investigation has their undivided attention from start to finish.  They carry all the necessary equipment to complete an investigation as well as the experience in actual evidence review.  Though they can offer suggestions and/or referrals, CVAPI does NOT clear locations.

Charges may vary from one location to another.  Factors are location, travel, hours required and the number of investigators needed.  Over the next several months, CVAPI will also keep under review a need to re-add their Eastern and Western Divisions.

As always as an alternate route, CVAPI highly recommends HPR (Historic Paranormal Research) as an alternate paranormal team.