Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Spring 2024

 Hello and happy spring everyone!

It has been a LONG time, too long, since you have seen me on this blog.  It looks like I will have to work on that!

OUR NEW WEBSITE WENT LIVE YESTERDAY!  I'm actually pleased with the new website.  It is very user friendly so if you run into a problem, please let me know!   

Next I HAVE TERMINATED ALL EMAIL ADDRESSES!  (The spam over the years superseded ridiculous!) The email to use for now is  Now I would say this is a temporary thing, but for other reasons, I know this will stay in place at least through the end of 2024.

Now, I want to address some of your questions....

First, yes it is true, that we NO LONGER disclose ANY of our investigations.  With the TV Hype that got out of hand very quickly.  Next, about team members, also non-disclosed, outside of my daughter.  Finally, what are we up too?  We do have a new project in the works, this will take several months and we will update as progress is made.

However, I can say going full NON DISCLOSURE  was the best decision we ever made!

We have been out there since 2008 now, and there are several new things in the paranormal field that we find to be disappointing.  Stick around I will publish more on that later.

Right now, enjoy the new website, and I look forward to hearing from you!

-Jackie Tomlin

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Book "Twist of Events"

Happy New Year!  I know it has been awhile since we have posted here, but the year has started out busy.  As I type this I still have emails to catch up on.

I know I had spoke with some of you on a book that I was writing and it is indeed out.  Twist of Events is a fiction, thriller with paranormal activity.  Although it features a bride on the cover it is NOT a paranormal romance.  This is more about a group of ghost hunters and the location, with a few twists along the way.  (Hence the title!)

Currently it is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.  (More to come soon!)  The sequel is well underway, with a detour of another publication prior to the sequel coming out.  You can read Chapter One here.

I would love to hear from you, so you may email me directly at

For paranormal concerns you can reach me through CVAPI or for psychic readings, visit my website here.

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Negative haunts.....they are a "Process"

This blog has been a long time coming, so I ask that you read it closely.

In all of the requests that we receive on negative haunts, I want everyone to know that there is a process to it without any clear-cut answers.

First of all, a paranormal investigation is not the solution to your problem.  Nor can anyone come in and “Banish” something from your home.

In actuality I would have to say that a paranormal investigation and a house blessing are only about 20% of it.  (In case you did not know, both WILL make things worse in the beginning!)

The other 80% lies within you….the haunted and/or the haunted family.

The first part is your willingness to recognize what has drawn this into you. 

The second part is going to be your faith.  Not that I want to preach to you, but adding religious items such as crosses, bibles and praying when your really not sure what you believe in….it’s not going to work.  Now this is just my opinion but ask yourself this…. How can you believe in something evil, but yet not believe in something good?

The third part is stop giving it recognition.  (Easier said then done.)  Do not speak of it AT ALL.  This means do not text, call or email about it.  Just STOP mentioning it.  Even if an item moves in front of you, say nothing and go on about your day.  (Remember, “Where thoughts go, energy flows.”)  I do however recommend clergy counseling outside of the location during this process.

The fourth part is taking a unified front as a family.  (This is extremely important.)  Even if someone is having no experiences, they will need to participate with their support.  (Even if one is affected, it can escalate to affect everyone if it is not properly addressed.) Generally it will target one person more then the others.  Remember this, although rare…. obsession can lead to possession.  That control is up to you.

I have seen too much from credible families with credible psychiatric evaluations to know that these things DO happen.  The answer lies in their willingness to beat it.

I can say that in the majority of these cases, most have had paranormal experiences at a different location as well as a ouja board has been used at some point in time.

In a different scenario, it is also possible that you have moved into a negative location.  (It happens.)  My question to you is …. Why are you staying?  Because you like the place?  Because your savings are invested there?  If this is the case then ask yourself this….is it worth causing mental and/or physical harm to your family?  Is it worth risking your children?  Is it worth tearing up your marriage?

With that said, make sure it is just that….the location and not a family member.  Because if it is a family member and not the location, then moving is not the answer.  It will only follow you.

In either case there are certain things you SHOULD NOT DO.

  1. Consult a ouja board.  (Although by Parker Brothers, it is a source of divination, and an opening to both sides.)
  2. Bring in a psychic or medium.  (And YES I am a psychic!  They will often stir you to believe it’s a human presence by mistake.)
  3. Hold a séance.
  4. Smudge.  (It will be effective on noisy locations, not on the negative.)
  5. Run EVP’s (No, no, no! ) (A demonic can take on many forms in order to earn your trust.)
  6. Bring in a paranormal team with no experience in the negative.  (It will make things worse and leave you hanging as well as putting people at risk.)
  7. Running a salt circle.  (You can seal it in.)

In a nutshell….a paranormal investigation is NOT the answer to your problem.  (And in most cases, you may have to leave home afterwards.)

A paranormal team, clergy and demonologist….is NOT the answer to your problem.  They are just the beginning steps into getting your problem resolved.

You can view this whole process like someone trying to loose weight.  You didn’t gain it overnight and your not going to loose it overnight.   The same with the negative, it didn’t just happen overnight and it’s going to take your dedication and loyalty in order to beat it.

What if all of this doesn’t work?  Then it’s you that is giving up.  No one else can fix it for you.  It’s a battle, and you have to keep going…

I could provide you with a full list of signs of a negative haunt.  However, if your living it, then you already know it.  If you question whether or not it is negative, chances are it may be in the beginning stages or just an aggressive haunt.  Either way, be mindful of how you handle it!

We have seen too many of these legitimate cases to know that they do exist.  However, we have also seen these families follow this process with SUCCESS.  (Some take months and some take years.)  The majority of them remain in their homes today.  So do you choose fear or living?  Because living in fear should NEVER be an option!

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